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Re: And Now for Something Completely Different

  • From: Robert E.Seastrom
  • Date: Tue Oct 18 17:40:16 2005

>> Moore will likely have to continue to produce the solution.
> What happens if he can't?  Silicon technology *is* topping out.  What
> happens to v6 if every single household and business on the planet
> decides to multihome?

I often wonder what would happen if IETF and NANOG were to
collectively swear off reductio ad absurdum scenarios.

For extra credit, the reader is invited to compare and contrast the
relative probabilities of "pervasive end-site multihoming" and "IETF
and NANOG learning what a 'false dichotomy' is".

Traditional multihoming techniques work today and buy us a decade or
more _until the v6 routing table is the same size as today's v4
table_.  That's a decade to make Pad's seminal work (cited by Vixie
earlier; it's nice to have it back in print!) required reading for
IETF participation and smack some sense into the acolytes of Rube
Goldberg whose influence on shim6 is all too apparent.