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FW: Verizon outage in Southern California?

  • From: Hannigan, Martin
  • Date: Tue Oct 18 17:36:12 2005

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> >> From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On 
> >> Behalf Of Matthew Black
> >> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 3:13 PM
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> I'm not completely familiar with the telco jargon.
> Does Tandem mean the same as a local central office, where
> POTS lines terminate at the switch? Long Beach has a population
> of 470,000. The C/Os I know of are:

A tandem office is a CO primarily used as an aggregated switch point
between local CO's. Think interconnection of local CO's or long haul

> Alamitos at 7th Street and Termino, ZIP 90814
> Clark near Clark Ave and Pacific Coast Highway, ZIP 90804
> LongBeach at 6th Street and Elm Ave, ZIP 90802
> Lakewood at Clark Ave and Connant St, ZIP 90808
> LNBHCAXG at 3440 California Ave, ZIP 90807 (for my home)

That's the building CLLI, the switch is LNBCHAXGDS0.

This one is a 5ESS and serves 12 exchanges.

562-290 562-424 562-426 562-427 562-490 
562-492 562-595 562-933 562-981 562-988 
562-989 562-997 

I see 7 5ESS and 1 Nortel SLC DMS 10, possibly a remote to
a campus or something, in Long Beach.

507 E LEW is holding the most switching gear is likely
a tandem. Um, I think this is the tandem code, PNTCMIMN50T,
and it's servicing about 20 areas.

> I have no idea whether cell service was truly affected. The
> announcements we sent to our campus suggested people use their
> cell phones for 911 service which would be serviced by the
> CA Highway Patrol (Erik Estrada, etc.) or a campus telephone
> which is serviced by our local campus police (sworn state police).
> I was completely unaware of the outage until someone else
> mentioned it in my office.

If you know of an NPA-NXX of a cell phone that was impacted,
send it privately and I'll tell you what CO it terminates in.