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Re: And Now for Something Completely Different (was Re: IPv6 news)

  • From: Tony Li
  • Date: Tue Oct 18 17:07:17 2005


But wasn't that the rationale for originally putting the kitchen sink into IPv6, rather than fixing the address length issue?
The stated rationale was to fix the address length issue.

I think we missed a lot of opportunities.

We're 10 years on, and talking about whether there will need to be more than one massive pain of migration, because the kitchen sink didn't take into account multihoming.

More generally because we were unwilling to make changes to the routing architecture.

Now we're talking about a solution that appear to be an even worse Rube Goldberg than token ring source-route bridging.

No one has proposed anything that is as bad as the exponential traffic explosion caused by explorers.

Moore will likely have to continue to produce the solution.

What happens if he can't? Silicon technology *is* topping out. What happens to v6 if every single household and business on the planet decides to multihome?