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Re: IPv6 news

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Oct 18 10:24:22 2005

> > Right, cause phone number portability is up and running for several 
> > of prefixes in various regions across the world[1], so there's 
> > definitely nothing we can learn from them. ;)
> Well, we can learn from them that circuit switched networks are 
> than packet switched networks.  Beyond that not much.

I disagree. There are many parallels and in many ways the 
telephony operators are struggling with the same kinds of
problems that we are. NANPA has forecast that the North
American number plan will be exhausted within 20 years.
Just like the IPv4 address space.

Their plan is to extend the number plan by two digits
using 4-digit area codes and 4 digit central office
codes. Rather like IPv6's extended address length.
The new digits will be introduced at the same time
so that everyone will dial an extra digit at the end
of their existing area code, and another extra digit
at the beginning of their central office code. Today
you would dial (703)227-0660 to reach ARIN's help
desk. After the change you would dial (7030)0227-0660.
Full details here:

NANPA's website points to more information.

There is also a North American Numbering Council 
that meets regularly and has several working groups.

It is foolish to regard people outside the IP
networking industry as inferior. Good ideas can
come from anywhere and we can often understand our
own area of interest much better by comparing and 
contrasting with other similar areas of interest.

--Michael Dillon