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Re: Level 3's side of the story

  • From: Daniel Karrenberg
  • Date: Mon Oct 17 04:40:06 2005

On 16.10 16:04, Simon Leinen wrote:
> Kevin Loch writes:
> > Does anyone have reachability data for c-root during this episode?
> The RIPE NCC "DNSMON" service has some:

If there is anyone with more comprehensive  data I'd like to hear about it ;-) !

> According to BGPlay for that particular prefix from Route-Views data
> (for some reason the RIPE RIS server used by BGPlay seems to be down
> at the moment), the "episode" seems to be between these times (UTC):

It is up now. Of the two routes to via Level 3 in that 
data set one stayed up during the period and the other got healed immediateely 
via AS286. It flipped back later.

> ...

> The interval in the URL above starts 72 hours before the start of the
> episode and ends 72 hours after its end.  I cannot see any particular
> problems that would coincide with the episode, from that set of probes

I agree that there is nothing really significant here. It is mostly noise.
What one is looking for in these graphs is strong vertical 
patterns.  dnsmon did not detect anything significant concerning
reachability of

> As someone else said, partial unreachability of a particular root
> nameserver isn't that much of an issue.  


> But it's an interesting question nevertheless.

A red instance of a fish from the northern seas ?