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Re: IPv6 daydreams

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Sun Oct 16 23:21:31 2005

> Okay, I'll bite - If I were king, here's what I'd want
> to see:

[ changes to current policies, not architecture, elided ]

let's first agree on some goals

  o really big address space, not the v6 fixed 32 bit
    limited game.  (old dogs will now bay for variable
    length, aroooooo!)

  o a routing system which has the ability to scale really
    well in the presence of fewer and fewer nodes (think
    sites) where out-degree == 1

  o mobility

  o really scalable v4 backward compatibility so that we
    don't have the end-user-affecting mess which looms in a
    few years

anything else?