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Re: IPv6 news

  • From: Paul Jakma
  • Date: Sat Oct 15 11:52:03 2005

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005, Randy Bush wrote:

it sounds as if you have the mythical separation of locator and identifier :-)/2. the problem is that there is likely to be a shortage of those locators.
Yes ;^)

Note that it's not 6to4, it's a proper 2001:: /48 delegation via the SIXXS tunnel-broker, which is mine to use long as ISPs here do not deploy IPv6 ;).

one problem with 6to4 is that having all traffic go through gateways will not scale well. to support v6-only folk, either the number of 6to4 gateways will need to approach the number of dfz routers, the dfz routers will run 6to4, or some combination thereof.

And 6to4 obviously won't fly for long after the 4 tank runs dry.

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