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Re: IPv6 news

  • Date: Sat Oct 15 05:29:56 2005

When I suggest to my customers to move to IPv6, I explicitly tell them that
planning is very important:

1) Initially (in some cases), your equipment may not have native support for
the core/access networks. Not a problem, when you upgrade your network for
other reasons (line cards, new IPv4 features, etc.), IPv6 usually will come
as a value added. At the time being a transition box (event just a PC),
could make it, as the traffic levels are low. This also give you the time to
experiment, see how the traffic is growing, and help your "commercial"
decision to move ahead faster or not.

2) Same with the CPEs. They don't support today, most of the time, native
IPv6, but a PC in your network, probably with 6to4 and Teredo as non-managed
transition mechanisms, will do it.

Is not the optimal way, but help to move on but better than just nothing.
Doing this you offer better service to your customers who are also playing
with IPv6, instead of asking them to use third party tunnel brokers or 6to4

Of course, a better service could be to setup a TB in your network, but this
could mean some extra O&M cost.

If you network is big, obviously you may need to setup several of those PCs,
in different POPs, regions, etc. but you will see the need when traffic
comes. The alternative is also to use existing or old routers, which most of
the time also support 6to4.


> De: "Christopher L. Morrow" <[email protected]>
> Responder a: <[email protected]>
> Fecha: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 03:34:21 +0000 (GMT)
> Para: Chris Adams <[email protected]>
> CC: <[email protected]>
> Asunto: Re: IPv6 news
> On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Chris Adams wrote:
>> Once upon a time, Christopher L. Morrow <[email protected]> said:
>>> agreed, it's a measured engineered decision hopefully. backed by financial
>>> and prudent engineering decisions. that wasn't the tone of the orignial
>>> comment though, which was: "Yea, I told them to just do it" which is
>>> tantamount to 'forklift your network you dummies'.
>> For some equipment, it still works out to "forklift your network".  For
>> example, our current dialup gear doesn't support IPv6 (and AFAIK no
>> upgrades are available or planned to add it).  There's no reason for us
>> to replace our dialup gear; the only thing that fails on it is fans (and
>> we can replace those easily enough with an hour's work of chassis
>> dis/re-assembly).  Dialup isn't going to go away in the near future
>> either.
> i suspect there is quite a large amount of gear (type not weight) that
> will never see v6 through the vendors but still support customers...
> speedstream anyone? cable-modem anyone? :( there are LOTS of things out
> there that don't know from v6 :(
> Thanks for another example though :)

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