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Re: IPv6 news

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Fri Oct 14 23:05:29 2005

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 [email protected] wrote:

> > "I told them dudes to forklift their network" is hardly productive.
> IPv6 is not a forklift upgrade.

agreed, it's a measured engineered decision hopefully. backed by financial
and prudent engineering decisions. that wasn't the tone of the orignial
comment though, which was: "Yea, I told them to just do it" which is
tantamount to 'forklift your network you dummies'.

> > Showing, if folks can't find it themselves, that there is a business
> case
> > that would justify a few million dollar upgrade is...
> Again, it is cheaper to ease into IPv6 rather than waiting until
> it hutrts so bad that you have a business case for a million dollar
> spend. Start by making sure that your engineers get some IPv6 training

sure, most folks are doing this... (or atleast quite a few are) and at a
certain time it's time to go from 'research' to 'production'. At that time
it'd be prudent to address the financial reasons to 'go production',
which is: "who's going to pay for this? What customer demand is there for
this? uhm... why should I jeopardize my network for this now?"

> > Hopefully other folks can make their
> > beancounters understand that v6 is going to happen regardless of their
> > wishes for it NOT to happen due to upgrade costs.
> The time to prepare is now.

agreed, some of the reason I asked a month ago about content providers :)
also some of the reason I then said: "perhaps shim6 and multihoming is
important to operators, better pay attention!" (I'm certainly not the
only one saying these, I just don't want to drag other folks down with me
:) )

> When I read the Geoff Huston's response to Tony Hain's
> analysis here:
> I don't see him saying that we should do nothing. There
> seems to be general consensus among these guys that
> the time for action is now. If you want the IPv6 transition
> to be painless for your company, then you need to get
> planning and get IPv6 in your test labs today.

(and finding a business case that flies with management to actually do
something higher in priority than all the other daily work)