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Re: Time for a real Internet highway (?)

  • From: Michael Painter
  • Date: Fri Oct 14 20:42:13 2005

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Subject: Re: Time for a real Internet highway (?)

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Michael Painter wrote:

 I'd be very interested in what folks here think of this:

I think it's a URL, and therefore most likely not
very worth opening, much less reading.

I'm very interested in why you didn't bother at least summarizing
the story as a general courtesy to folks here.


Sorry...I didn't realize that was the protocol.

From the article:
"We already have our highway system and our electricity. Time has come for our broadband. It's a utility. We now need broadband to live, work, recreate and even make a profit. Whether in Palo Alto, Calif., or Cavalier, N.D., we need our broadband. Many local areas of America are attacking the need for broadband ubiquity, but perhaps it's time for a national program."