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RE: Choosing new transit: software help?

  • From: David Hubbard
  • Date: Fri Oct 14 11:12:56 2005

From: John Dupuy
> We are looking at getting an additional transit connection.
> In the past, we have used and the like and 
> "guesstimated" our best transit choices. (Other factors
> came into play as well, of course, such as price...)
> Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion for determine our next 
> best transit?  Essentially, I am looking for techniques of:
> 1. Gathering our current traffic patterns and subtotalling 
> source/destination IP by ASN.
> 2. Gathering our BGP views into a useful form for analysis.
> 3. Using #1 and #2 to analyze which new AS would make the 
> most sense to connect to for transit. The goal would be for
> the new transit to reduce the number of AS we must transit
> given our customer's actual usage.

I know most nanog responses seem to go off list immediately
but I'd be interested in this as well for traffic engineering.
A top AS and top prefix talkers would be really useful.