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Choosing new transit: software help?

  • From: John Dupuy
  • Date: Fri Oct 14 11:05:30 2005

We are looking at getting an additional transit connection.

In the past, we have used and the like and "guesstimated" our best transit choices. (Other factors came into play as well, of course, such as price...)

Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion for determine our next best transit? Essentially, I am looking for techniques of:

1. Gathering our current traffic patterns and subtotalling source/destination IP by ASN.
2. Gathering our BGP views into a useful form for analysis.
3. Using #1 and #2 to analyze which new AS would make the most sense to connect to for transit. The goal would be for the new transit to reduce the number of AS we must transit given our customer's actual usage.

I could probably hack something together on my own, but before I go reinventing the wheel, I'm interested in getting feedback from the list.

We use all cisco's in our backbone, so a cisco-centric solution is fine.

(Note to sales-droids on the list: this is not an invite to send me sales messages. Please.)