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RE: IPv6 news

  • From: K. Scott Bethke
  • Date: Thu Oct 13 16:34:45 2005

> I can't speak for the others but doesn't seem to interested in
> customers making use of their "dual stack" network.  We looked into
> getting IPv6 space from them to go with our IPv4 assignments for a
> couple of racks of servers in one of their datacenters.  They wanted to
> double the monthly fee for data and drop a second v6 only port to our
> racks, not my idea of a "dual stack network".  Needless to say, we do
> not have native IPv6, a few of our customers that desired it are using
> HE's free tunnel broker service though.

It is possible that they deployed a second group of routers to do ipv6
rather than bet it all on a dual stack.  Heck I've seen engineers at various
places digging 7507's out of the dumpster in hopes of getting their company
going on v6.  HE.NET has been doing ipv6 for a long time now so it is (also)
possible that their deployment pre-dates a 75% bug free IOS version for dual
stack.  I can't comment on any sort of pricing going on.  Rumor has it that
some transit and hosting companies are indeed selling IPv6 today (and
surprisingly enough actually have customers buying it).