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RE: SNMP "Accounting" Software

  • From: Chad Skidmore
  • Date: Tue Oct 11 20:53:00 2005

It uses the 2nd (monthly) method you describe and gives you a 95th
percentile number for both inbound and outbound.  You can then use both
or one of them.  Also, as I mentioned, you can write your own reports
using anything that can query MySQL.  I've done Crystal Reports and some
C# .Net reporting off of RTG data with great success.


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On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 09:53:48AM -0700, Chad Skidmore wrote:


> Check out RTG.  It has 95th percentile reporting and if you don't like

> the included reporting format you are free to build your own.
> Data is retained in a SQL db so it is easy enough to report on.

from the documentation, this looks interesting. Does anybody know, which
95%ile is implemented? I know at least about 6  95%ile favors around. 
Does anybody know, which of them are mostly used?
the two variants, I have in mind are daily 95%ile ( drop the max 5%
samples per day for each  direction, average on the end of the month for
each direction and use the higher value then ) and a monthly 95%ile (
drop the max 5% samples over all samples over the month for both
directions, use the higher value then )