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Re: Problems

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Tue Oct 11 18:20:00 2005

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 04:38:14PM -0400, liz fazekas wrote:
> hey y'all:
>  Good desktop staple:

Don't know if I would go that far, seeing as there is no useful content 
there. Honestly, the sooner that I2 folks realize that they are neither 
the center of the Internet, nor even a particularly large customer of just 
one commercial carrier, the better off they will be when they have to deal 
with the real world. :)

Interestingly, this is the only thing I could find on the subject:

I haven't found anyone other than Qwest and GX (who share a common build 
here) affected so far, but there hasn't really been much discussion on the 
subject. While this is certainly a decemt amount of impact, I don't think 
anyone with a decently built network is suffering unduely (this is why 
there are southern paths :P).

Last report I heard on the subject a couple of hours ago was that Qwest 
had not begun splicing but is standing by to do so as soon as the scene is 

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