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Re: Fwd: The Root has got an A record

  • From: Todd Vierling
  • Date: Mon Oct 10 16:28:00 2005

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Peter Dambier wrote:

> I do not recommend using the public-root right now. I do warn
> because of obvious technical problems.

All you're doing is making the rest of us laugh uncontrollably as the
problems with the non-Internet "Public-Root" DNS servers keep stacking up.
The rest of us use actual *Internet* root DNS servers and will never see
these problems.

(I need to find my glasses, because that sign on the road ahead is hard to
read -- something about feeling droll?  Wait, that's not right....)

-- Todd Vierling <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <[email protected]>