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Re: GigE Peering Router

  • From: Patrick W.Gilmore
  • Date: Mon Oct 10 05:05:13 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 2:53 AM, James Ashton wrote:

I would run from the 7206+NPE-G1 in this capacity. We have not had luck
actually getting a gig worth of traffic flowing through them. Great
small site router, but not much on the throughput side at all.
We are currently pushing 950+ Mbps through several 7301s. (The 7301 is essentially an NPE-G1 in a box by itself.)

This traffic is heavily outbound. Several NAPs have the router, some with 100+ peers. We do not have a lot of ACLs or other CPU-eating stuff in the config.



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I was looking for some opinions on Cisco vs. Foundry (specifically
Cisco's NPE-G1 vs a NetIron 4802). The application is mainly content
delivery - outbound heavy traffic with an emphasis on quality of

Basically I'm looking at the 4802 because we're able to provision GigE
for all the providers, so we don't really need an architecture that can
support OC-type interfaces. The size is also attractive for some of our
smaller PoPs.

I'm also intereted in failover/hot-standby capabilities on the Foundry
as we have had much experience with them.