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Re: DNS question

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Sat Oct 08 20:50:06 2005


On 8-Oct-2005, at 16:01, Randy Bush wrote:

I have a hint record pointing to a name server that has not been used to
several years.
what's a "hint record?"  ns glue?
If yes, then it depends on what the nameserver in question is called (more accurately, what the parent zone is).

If your nameserver is called "", then the change you need to effect is in the "org" zone. If the nameserver is called "", then the change you require must happen in the "net" zone.

In both of those examples, the way you submit requests to a registry is through one of several registrars. The rule is that the registrar you need to talk to is the one who sponsors your nameserver's superordinate domain.

So, for "" you talk to the Afilias registrar who sponsors "", and for "" you talk to the VGRS registrar who sponsors "".

Rules in other registries with registrars may vary.

I can give you specific help if you send me a note off-list.