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Re: Level 3's side of the story

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Sat Oct 08 19:21:21 2005

On Oct 8, 2005, at 5:05 PM, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

Because FT and Teleglobe are both full transit customers of Sprint, with
full global routes in, and full propagation out (this is verifiable via
many looking glasses). You aren't seriously going to claim that Cogent has
a contract with Verio which says "We will give you partial transit aka
only Sprint routes, but not Sprint routes to certain Sprint customers like
FT and Teleglobe", and that Cogent is throwing up its hands and saying
"sorry our contract doesn't give us routes to you, Verio won't let us
change it, what are we going to do?" are you?
Yes, I am seriously suggesting that Verio could sell 1239 + downstreams minus some "large" downstreams. If I am Cogent and I want to get transit as cheaply as possible, I would say "don't give me $FOO, $BAR, $ETC, and lower your price."

Or are you seriously suggesting Cogent wouldn't do everything in its power to lower its costs?

Of course, "won't let us change it" is probably a bit over the top. I'm sure Verio will sell Cogent whatever they want.

But while we're on the subject, how do you think Sprint feels about Verio
selling Cogent "Sprint routes only"? I of course am not privy to exact
wording of the peering contract between Verio and Sprint (and if I was I
sure as hell wouldn't be talking about it on NANOG), but on many peering
agreements there is usually a clause that contains words like "shall not
give or sell nexthop to others". At the very least, it is down-right
unfriendly. Verio peers with FT and Teleglobe directly already, which
means that in order for them to send Cogent those routes via Sprint (which
Cogent now clearly still uses, 174 2914 1239 5511), they must have Cogent
directly connected on the same routers as their Sprint interconnections,
and have a virtual RIB set up, into which they import only the Sprint
routes. That does raise some interesting questions about how the contract
is written. But I agree, we're just speculating, and I'm certain no one is
going to give us an answer publicly.
VERY interesting. I was completely unaware that 5511 peered directly with 2419.

Assuming they do, WTF would Verio not simply give Cogent direct routes? Well, maybe the contract only allows Verio to propagate the routes to Sprint?

Or <evil hat on>, Cogent wants to ensure FT pays for the traffic just like they have to pay for the traffic.... </evil>