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RE: Level 3's side of the story

  • From: Rik van Riel
  • Date: Sat Oct 08 12:42:32 2005

On Sat, 8 Oct 2005, Jon Lewis wrote:

> If you're multihomed and using Cogent as a cheap bandwidth whore, does 
> it matter if their cheap bandwidth gives you 155k routes instead of 168k 
> routes? After all, if its cheap and off-loads enough traffic from your 
> more expensive 168k route circuits, isn't it doing what you bought it 
> for?

I wonder if Cogent customers can get their money back if more
than 0.1% of their packets go to L3 single-homed networks ;)

Product Features:

FULL SLA: Our SLA guarantees 99.99% network availability, 99.9% packet 
delivery, less than 50 milliseconds roundtrip latency and proactive outage 
notification within 15 minutes.

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