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Re: Level 3's side of the story

  • From: John Curran
  • Date: Fri Oct 07 23:30:34 2005

At 11:00 PM -0400 10/7/05, Christian Kuhtz wrote:
>What's your point?  Are you seriously suggesting this should be regulated?

It doesn't appear necessary at all; industry self-regulation seems to be working just fine here... 
(one might claim almost too well :-) )

>.. let the customers draw their own consequences and conclusions based on the actions of the companies who serve them.  
>Thankfully, Internet connectivity is ubiquitous for the most part, and this is hardly the same as essential services (those who consider it that, are fools not to have diversity).

Those un-essential Internet services increasingly carry voice services that are considered essential by many consumers, and for whom diversity is not a realistic option.  Leaving them completely open to the consequences of service provider actions would be quite an innovative curve in public policy.