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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: Charles Gucker
  • Date: Fri Oct 07 12:59:49 2005

On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 02:53:02AM -0600, Lewis Butler wrote:
> On 05 Oct 2005, at 13:44 , Charles Gucker wrote:
> >Oh man, I have to jump in here for a moment.  Not that I agree with
> >what happened, but to refute your claim that Cogent can get L3
> >elsewhere, it goes both ways.  L3 can also get Cogent connectivity
> >elsewhere.   This is a big game of chicken, it will be interesting to
> >see who backs down first.
> Ok, as I understand it, Level3 can get Cogent connectivity back  
> simply be restoring the peering that they suspended, right?

	Simply put, yes.  Longer answer, Level(3) would have to "kiss
and make up" with Cogent before the sessions would be coordinated to
be turned up.  There would certainly have to be a renewed level of
communication between these two networks to come up with this result.

> I mean, Cogent can pay someone to route to L3 or L3 can fix what they  
> did on their side, they have no need to go anywhere but their own  
> routers, right?

	Well, there are three options here.

	->  Both networks kiss and make up, ending up turning up
the pre-existing peering session, or possibly additional peering

	-> Cogent obtains transit from another provider to Level(3).

	-> Level(3) obtains transit from another provider to Cogent.

	Business decisions do not always make sense, stubbornness can
very easily get in the way of a proper decison[1].


[1] As outlined in this thread, one person's proper decision may not
be another person's.