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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Thu Oct 06 20:50:00 2005

I guess a significant part of the single-homed networks behind Level(3) would be in PA space owned by them, and thus will find the initial step towards multihoming very hard to take (renumbering into PI or their own PA space).

Its absolutely a high bar. It is no higher than changing providers which I would probably advocate to anyone who asked my opinion who was single homed. However the "to-whom" question looms larger and larger. The list of transit-free providers that have not forcibly depeered another network is growing short indeed.

If Cogent were looking for an opportunity as a solution provider, they could provide PBR route-maps and the following suggestions:

If you are an enterprise customer, many services like your main DNS servers, web server, etc. could gain IPs in both spaces and you could set up a proxy that can tell one space from another and reach both spaces.

This would solve many of the access provider and webhosting provider problems out there. The ones that would stay broken are specialized applications and websites that are highly sensitive to proxies, etc.

But as as a community, I think NANOGers would agree... something that smells like connectivity is still better than none.