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Re: Peering vs SFI (was Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering)

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Thu Oct 06 19:04:52 2005

[email protected] ("Schliesser, Benson") writes:

> Would you care to speculate on which party receives the greater benefit:
> the sender of bytes, or the receiver of bytes?
> If both the sender and receiver are being billed for the traffic by
> their respective (different) service providers (all other issues being
> equal) is one provider in a better position than the other?

If it's still common for one to be billed only for "highest of in vs. out"
then there's no way to compare the benefits since there's always a "shadow"
direction and it won't be symmetric among flow endpoints.
Paul Vixie