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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: David Sinn
  • Date: Wed Oct 05 17:58:45 2005

So this is all well and good while some measure of V6 is tunneled, but one should be wondering what these games of chicken mean to V6 when it is native. Given that most organizations won't meet the qualifications to be multi-homed, stunts like this will have a greater impact then this one is having today. Doesn't exactly leave a warm fuzzy that the current direction for IPv6 services is sane....


On Oct 5, 2005, at 12:08 PM, [email protected] wrote:

On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 06:01:15 -0400, Richard A Steenbergen proclaimed...

I guess the earlier reports of (3)'s lack of testicular fortitude may have
been exagerated after all. :)
Luckily, many of us have ipv6 tunnels that managed to help us get around
this. See, ipv6 has a purpose, afterall! :-)