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Re: Overview: (What If?) ccTLD Delegation Question

  • From: Roland Perry
  • Date: Wed Oct 05 10:23:42 2005

In article <[email protected]>, Joe Johnson <[email protected]> writes
So, basically, following the instructions at, I need to be sure I legally acquire the island from a nation for the express purpose of running my own country (the sales agreement says I am no longer part of them). After I establish my national government (I held an impromptu straw-poll in the office, and we chose "Joetopia" as the name of my island nation), I need to petition the UN to be recognized as a nation and be listed in their report. After that, I automatically get a 2-letter nation code and can petition ICANN for a ccTLD of my 2-letter code. I can then choose to run .jt (or whatever my ccTLD ends up being) from any place I desire.
You could also try asking the Isle of Man (.im) Guernsey (.gg) and Jersey (.je) how they managed to get a ccTLD without being an ISO country. I won't mention .eu, as that will probably start a furore.
Roland Perry