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Re: Overview: (What If?) ccTLD Delegation Question

  • From: James R. Cutler
  • Date: Mon Oct 03 18:35:10 2005

Given the ongoing flux in national boundaries and identities, this topic is highly appropriate and the contributors gave well spoken input.

Thank you.


At 10/3/2005 05:13 PM -0500, Joe Johnson wrote:

So, basically, following the instructions at, I need to be sure I legally acquire the island from a nation for the express purpose of running my own country (the sales agreement says I am no longer part of them).  After I establish my national government (I held an impromptu straw-poll in the office, and we chose "Joetopia" as the name of my island nation), I need to petition the UN to be recognized as a nation and be listed in their report.  After that, I automatically get a 2-letter nation code and can petition ICANN for a ccTLD of my 2-letter code.  I can then choose to run .jt (or whatever my ccTLD ends up being) from any place I desire.

Well, thanks for all the help everyone.  Hopefully it broke the day's monotony for some of you.  Now I just need to sit back and wait for those lotto winnings to roll in (ha!).

Joe Johnson
[email protected]

P.S.: Don't worry, I'll be sure to have plenty of redundancy in my DNS (physically separate NS's, multiple DNS servers, power, etc.)  and I won't brook no spammers.  Not from my .jt ccTLD!

James R. Cutler
[email protected]