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RE: (What If?) ccTLD Delegation Question

  • From: Matthew Kaufman
  • Date: Mon Oct 03 17:36:26 2005

Joe Johnson:
> Call it Monday Boredom, if you will, but a funny DNS question 
> just popped into my head: if I were to, say, win the lotto 
> and buy my own Island (which, of course, would technically be 
> its own country)

Premise false. Parsing of question terminated.

All islands you might buy are parts of existing countries (with existing
country codes)

A better plan might be to incite a country-dividing civil war somewhere, and
fund it sufficiently with your lottery winnings that a new independent
country is formed in the aftermath. You might not want to live there during
the process, though.

Matthew Kaufman
[email protected]