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RE: OMB: IPv6 by June 2008

  • From: Kuhtz, Christian
  • Date: Thu Jun 30 13:19:49 2005

No kidding.  He should be nominated to head up coordinating transition
planning to IPv6.  


Not that I'm complaining, GOSIP paid my contract fees in 1996/1997
(sic).  Most of these clowns don't realize how hard these mandates are
to stop if they turn out to be in error, especially if they make it into
RFP requirements again (which they undoubtedly will). Ooof.

I wouldn't mind seeing IPv6, but as a market forces driven thing not as
a mandate.

Besides, what all these incredibly wise folks (NOT) are missing is that
this isn't like GOSIP at all.  IPv6 can happily exist without IPv4
having any clue about it, which is one of the cool things about it
actually.  So, anyone mandating this conversion should be taken out back
and shot for exhibiting spectacular lapses in clue.

IPv6.  Coming to a toaster near you.

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> Thought thief. ;-)
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> >Just in case anyone was wondering, U.S. gummint agencies will
> >be screaming in migration agony for the next couple of years. ;-)
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> >
> GOSIP II anybody? Will it be different this time than it was with
> OSI? Everyone had to scramble in the late 1980s to get OSI stuff
> done, then the gov't never used it.
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