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  • From: Richmond, Jeff (ELI)
  • Date: Wed Jun 29 13:35:04 2005

Well, also keep in mind that pure ATM/FR is becoming more and more of an edge service, where it is actually transported as MPLS in the core. Thus, an MPLS VPN does make more sense in some cases (why would I want to take a beating on cell tax if I don't have to?)


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On 6/29/05, Petri Helenius <[email protected]> wrote:
> Maybe the small fact that ATM is fading away and building new networks
> with technology going away is going to explode your operational cost in
> a few years time. Business grade IP networks will provide you with equal
> if not better performance than a "dedicated" ATM WAN.

And being replaced with ....  ?  GigE?  DPT/RPR?  MPLS?

ATM is a great technology...  Unfortunately, I don't think it was ever
fully utilized..  From what I understand, MPLS takes some of the good
bits and combines it with traditional routing..  But I don't see a lot
of MPLS implementations either...
> Pete

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