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  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Wed Jun 29 13:00:55 2005

Philip Lavine wrote:

I plan to design a hub and spoke WAN using ATM. The
data traversing the WAN is US equities market data.
Market data can be in two flavors multicast and TCP
client/server. Another facet of market data is it is
bursty in nature and is very sensitive to packet loss
and latency (like voice). What type of ATM AAL format
would be best for this topology? Is there any other
concerns I should be aware of.

Maybe the small fact that ATM is fading away and building new networks with technology going away is going to explode your operational cost in a few years time. Business grade IP networks will provide you with equal if not better performance than a "dedicated" ATM WAN.

(in addition to the fact that you probably posted your question in the wrong forum)


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