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Re: ISP phishing

  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Tue Jun 28 17:36:41 2005

At 5:17 PM -0400 2005-06-28, Mark Tombaugh wrote:

 On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 09:54 -0400, Robert Boyle wrote:
 we enabled a global rule which blocks
 any email from accounts such as billing, root, postmaster, antivirus,
 abuse, security, etc. which don't originate from our management IP space
 where our people work. As a result, we have stopped these phishing scams
 for our users dead in their tracks.
 You sound so sure about that... Am I missing something?
Yes. Any billing, root, postmaster, etc... messages that claim to be from his system have to be generated from their management IP space. You may be able to phish their customers by sending them bogus messages of this sort that claim to be from other sites or facilities, but you won't be able to phish his customers by sending them messages like this that claim to be from his system.

I applaud his move, and wish more groups did the same.

I recently got hit by a wave of phishing attempts from my own ISP. Unfortunately, the ISP in question refuses to interact with their customers via any method but the web, although they do send out their own notices by e-mail. Of course, none of those accounts will accept bounces or e-mail replies, which is why they're rightfully on the rfc-ignorant black list, among many others.

Fortunately for me, all the phishing attempts were pretty stupid, and failed because they relied too much on Windows-specific attacks, Windows-specific MUAs, etc....

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