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DHCP and aliases

  • From: Eric Frazier
  • Date: Tue Jun 28 15:23:59 2005


I am hoping this is an ok question for this list. I believe it is.
I have just never thought about doing something like this before and it is likely totally child's play to many of you guys. :)

I am using a FreeBSD 4.11 IPFW firewall on a ADSL connection. I want to be able to take advantage of "Static NAT" So as I understand it I need this firewall machine to have another external IP that I can use to hard tie in with a local machine. But can I do this without setting up another nic? So is it possible to use DHCP to get an IP alias?

In the case of our DSL provider I am guessing it would not be possible because of just having one MAC address. But I know just enough about networking to get by, so I could be totaly wrong about that.

Is there a better way to allow this internal machine to have its own IP but still be firewalled? But then if I am doing this, am I really firewalling anything anyway if all of the ports are redirected to the internal machine anyway?

More specifics on what I am talking about is on

under the the heading "25.8.5 Address Redirection"



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