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Re: Localized mail servers, global scope

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Fri Jun 24 05:57:51 2005

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[email protected] wrote:
|>Or do
|>you want me to go back into ancient history and dig up UUCP and the
|>route mapping tables that were developed?

They still do work today.

Use an old linux say Unifix 2.0 and you are ready to mix UUCP and
whatever new thing they will invent in the next 20 or so years.

Suse 8.3 works to but you have to break a lot of things first.

| Don't make me laugh, dredging up old obsolete technology like
| that! Why that would be like designing a space ship using
| an old sailing ship as a model. ROTFL...
| No, wait...
| Maybe old technology really can be applied to new
| problems?
| --Michael Dillon

The heart of the IASON system is built around prolog - does still somebody
remember a programming language with that name?

The automatisme arround that heart is built on uucp because I could not find
anybody willing to chase the mouse arround at midnight. And I did not find a
better way to route data between processes on different computers with
different achitectures.

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