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Re: ISP phishing

  • From: Robert Boyle
  • Date: Fri Jun 24 03:09:15 2005

At 10:41 AM 6/23/2005, you wrote:
We did as well, but we did not yet find a solution for legit bounces..
it naturally breaks that.
I've been thinking about what you said, but I can't imagine a scenario in which this would affect bounce delivery to or from our admin-type addresses. Incoming bounces would be from <> and to [email protected] Outgoing bounces would be from <> and to [email protected] We only block mail sent with the from as one of our admin addresses when it was not sent from our management / customer service / noc address space. If there is a problem which this creates which I haven't thought of, please explain since I would like to eliminate the problem or be aware of it if elimination isn't an option.

It's a temporary solution to what I see that is going to become very big.
x% of people are stupid and will never cease to be stupid. Provided these users are easy enough to reach, they will continue to open naked pictures, free pirated software emailed to them, password protected zip files with really important executables, antivirus "cleaners", microsoft updates from [email protected], 'You gotta see this!' IM URL links from friends, etc. My goal is not to stop stupid people from infecting themselves, but to stop our users from thinking WE infected them by eliminating the one threat vector over which we have absolute control and hence responsibility in the eyes of our customers. "Why did you allow someone to send mail as [email protected] to my account if it had a virus in it?"


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