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Re: Localized mail servers, global scope

  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Thu Jun 23 12:38:06 2005

At 12:04 PM -0400 2005-06-23, Derek Diget wrote:

 I replied privately to the original poster since I was not on NANOG-post,
 but this would be interesting if the anycasting was tied into some load
 balancers doing geographical balancing.
GSLB only works if each and every server can supply information appropriate to whatever question might be asked, based solely on where the incoming connection is being generated.

In the case of e-mail, at this point you know nothing about the recipient. Unfortunately, the OP has recipients distributed around at least 25 sites in the world, and that's where he really needs his load-balancing. Anycasting and GSLB isn't going to help this problem.

 But certain vendors do have MTAs that can kind of do this.  I am
 thinking about Sun's Messaging Server.  Chapter 12 of their Deployment
 Planning Guide <>
 mentions a "Distributed Topology" that I thinks fits the original
 posters requirement pretty closely.
Newsflash: MTAs can be used as both SMTP/SMTP routers and SMTP/local delivery gateways!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I don't suppose anyone here saw my previous mention of the Lachman-LASER IETF draft for doing mail routing via LDAP? Heck, what about mail routing via something like NIS? Or do you want me to go back into ancient history and dig up UUCP and the route mapping tables that were developed?

                                      You can abstract the mail reception
 (SMTP/MSA) routing behind the MTAs and also abstract the mail retrieval
 (IMAP/POP/Webmail) behind the Messaging MultiPlexors (MMPs).  I would
 think if further discussion on this vendors product is wanted, then
 please see a web site <> that has information on the user
 mailing list.
Setting up a router-only external infrastructure which then passes on incoming messages to the appropriate back-end is nothing new. See <> and <>.

Trying to dress up something basic like this and then turn around and sell it as a commercial service is also not new.

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