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  • From: Manav Bhatia
  • Date: Wed Jun 22 23:53:46 2005

Hi Daniel,

We wrote a draft some time back comparing the two protocols ISIS and OSPF.
It should address some of your doubts and concerns. 

Here's a pointer to my local copy:


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!> Subject: OSPF -vs- ISIS
!> All,
!> Can anyone point me to information on what the top N service 
!> providers
!> are using for their IGP? I'm trying to build a case for 
!> switching from
!> OSPF to IS-IS. Those on this list who are currently running IS-IS, do
!> you find better scalability and stability running IS-IS than OSPF? I
!> understand that this question is a lot more complex than a simple yes
!> or no since factors like design and routing policy will certainly
!> affect the protocols behavior.
!> Any insights or experiences that you can share would be most helpful.
!> Thanks,
!> Daniel Evans
!> Alltel Communications