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RE: Localized mail servers, global scope

  • From: Andrew Staples
  • Date: Wed Jun 22 13:31:19 2005


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> The problem he's going to hit is that he wants *my* mail 
> server to send mail to
> '[email protected]' to get routed to the MX in San Fran where 
> Fred is, and *my*
> mail server to send mail '[email protected]' to get routed 
> to the MX in Geneva
> where Johann is, and avoid having a central MX that then does routing.
> And basically, he's screwed, because the MX lookup is only 
> based on the RHS
> of the target address.  AT *best* he can deploy a 
> and have
> different MX entries for and 
> and so on (but he
> already said that's a suboptimal).

Valdis has present the situation perhaps better than I did in my original
post.  The replies have confirmed my thoughts, but I wanted to probe the 
brighter-minds-than-mine that exist on this list.  The women in my life
expect me to read their minds...with the RFC's I'm based on, it should be
easy for DNS to read mine.

Andrew (morphs nicely into Anscrewed)