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Re: Localized mail servers, global scope

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Wed Jun 22 12:50:00 2005

[email protected] wrote:
On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 17:23:22 BST, Tony Finch said:

You need a table of name -> location mappings which each mail server can
use to route email. You could distribute the table using whatever
technology you like, e.g. LDAP. Google for Schlumberger Exim LDAP for a
complicated example, though it can be done much more simply.
That's all fine and good once the mail gets into his e-mail infrastructure.

The problem he's going to hit is that he wants *my* mail server to send mail to
'[email protected]' to get routed to the MX in San Fran where Fred is, and *my*
mail server to send mail '[email protected]' to get routed to the MX in Geneva
where Johann is, and avoid having a central MX that then does routing.

And basically, he's screwed, because the MX lookup is only based on the RHS
of the target address.  AT *best* he can deploy a and have
different MX entries for and and so on (but he
already said that's a suboptimal).
He needs something like the distributed clustering of qmail-ldap.  Any mail-
cluster member can accept messages for all others and does direct internal
redistribution without going through HQ.  No country specific subdomains needed.
Everything has [email protected]