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Re: MCI routing loop near Chicago

  • From: James Couzens
  • Date: Tue Jun 21 08:08:30 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 04:52 -0700, James Couzens wrote:
> MCI routing loop near Chicago

As Alexander Koch pointed out I could have been more detailed in my post
with respect to methods attempted to notify the relevant parties prior
to posting to the NANOG list.

With that in mind, after roughly two hours of attempting to notify MCI
through the available channels receiving only two responses, both from
MCI (US Robotics can not respond, their poor DNS setup has left me with
no means to contact them via e-mail (NS2.RACKSPACE.COM doesn't appear to
know about USR and their primary is unreachable to me and additionally
through several on-line DNS lookup engines I tried)) I felt that I would
post to NANOG as a last resort.

For what its worth the auto-generated ticket number I received from
MCI's "[email protected]" address was:  2005062102342.  The other response
I received was an "Out of Office Autoreply" from [email protected]

Hope that helps,



James Couzens,
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 to write small, efficient programs in those days, a skill that
 has subsequently been lost." -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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