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Re: NANOG Evolution

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Tue Jun 21 07:42:30 2005

Perhaps using the ARIN model for this would be a good idea.

IIRC, after someone in nominated, they are asked to fill out a small questionnaire. Things like Organization, Org URL, Why do you want to serve on the AC?, Describe how your professional goals and experience are relevant, Describe your technical (especially IP) and professional qualifications for filling an AC seat, etc.

Also, an important question is:

Please provide detailed biographical information to include all experience, activities, associations, and affiliations (national and international) relevant to serving on the AC. Describe positions held, and your specific duties, achievements, and levels of responsibility. Include the names of organizations served and dates of service.

Realising the above is specific to the AC, I believe with simple modifications, these questions would serve the NANOG community well in letting us feel comfortable with the nominees.

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Herb Leong wrote:

Randy Bush wrote:
# > The candidates for the Steering Committee are:
# >    Joe Abley
# >    Randy Bush
# >    Christopher Chin
# >    Ron da Silva
# >    Vince Fuller
# >    Steve Gibbard
# >    Dan Golding
# >    Martin Hannigan
# >    Dorian Kim
# >    Mark Kosters
# >    Jared Mauch
# >    Chris Morrow
# >    William B. Norton
# >    Philip Smith
# >    Josh Snowhorn
# >    Dave Wodelet
# >    Lixia Zhang
# could you annotate which of these candidates actually work
# at an isp or large content provider?
# randy

Better yet, what about links to resumes/backgrounds?


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