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Re: More long AS-sets announced

  • From: MarcoH
  • Date: Tue Jun 21 05:21:58 2005

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 08:13:08AM +0300, Hank Nussbacher wrote:
> > due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we have been forced to
> > postpone these experiments. We plan to make the announcements at the
> > same times on Monday 20 June.
> >
> > The prefixes will be the same ( and and
> > will be originated by AS12654 as before, but the AS-set will consist of
> > AS2121 repeated n times, so the paths will look like 12654 {2121, 2121,
> > .., 2121}. AS2121 is the RIPE meeting AS, which is reserved for RIPE
> > meetings and does not currently appear in the global routing table.
> Wrong again.  You used both AS1221 and AS2121:

Yups, smells like a small but very dangerous typo.

>From a netcitizen's perpesctive and as being involved in operating a part
of the internet, I'm starting to dislike this whole experiment more and
more. I understand, as people already commented, the internet in fact is
one big experiment, but this is getting out-of-hand.

Can the people responsible for this please reconsider and put things on
hold until certain conditions are met:

Publish a detailed workplan including AS-es used, windows and risk
analysis to the various mailinglists.

A reasonable time between annoucements and the experiment instead of 24

Some assurance that input files are checked for typos.

Take another look wether it is smart to use 'production' AS-es for it,
such as the RIS or meeting AS numbers, instead of a seperate set. I think
people are going to get real unhappy if somewhere in October they found
out the meeting network is blocked at various places.

Just my 2 cents,