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Re: Email peering

  • From: Dave Crocker
  • Date: Mon Jun 20 12:13:09 2005

>  Back in the day, there were users of Fido technology networks
>  who were concerned with email privacy. They applied a technology
>  called PGP to secure the contents of their messages.


We are talking about changing an existing system -- one with an installed base 
of perhaps 1B users, but it's fine if we instead use the much lower number of 
some "mere" hundreds of thousands of servers.

For such situations, it is considered essential to find a way to obtain 
incremental utility, for incremental adoption.  It is also considered essential 
to minimize the critical dependencies for adoption.  

It is considered particularly risky to have one strategic adoption decision 
depend upon another, especially when the second has a history of more than 10 
years of failing to gain major adoption (or rather, use.)

We could go into a long and painful discussion about the reasons these lessons 
are valid, but the reality is that they are not all that difficult to 
appreciate, if one looks at the process of obtaining global adoption in a 
voluntary environment.  

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...