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Re: More long AS-sets announced

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Mon Jun 20 03:45:37 2005

> June 15th: Lorenzo gives us 24 hours notice that he is going to be using 
> our (a very general our here, meaning all Internet operators) network for 
> performing his experiments on. (oh, and points out that hes been doing the 
> same with IPv6 since last year, just unannounced, but thats okay because 
> noone noticed)
> June 15th: Those that check their email frequently enough to spot this ask 
> Lorenzo for at least a week notice before doing this in future.
> June 20th: Lorenzo gives us same day notice that he will be using our 
> network as his plaything again. Anyone sufficiently behind Lorenzo in the 
> grand scheme of things (either they have better things to do than read 
> their email all day, or perhaps they're on the west coast USA) won't even 
> know about this until it is too late. If something strange happens I'm not 
> sure everyone will suddenly think better check to see if Lorenzo is 
> playing again.
> I see the use of the Internet for experiments like this to be somewhat 
> frivilous, and the notice periods given as warning even more so. I'm sure 
> Lorenzo would not appreciate if I were to give 20 minutes warning of some 
> clandestine experiment, such as announcing more specifics of his 
> institutions prefixes as particularly helpful!

he is announcing his own bleedin' prefixes.  get a life