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More long AS-sets announced

  • From: Lorenzo Colitti
  • Date: Sun Jun 19 19:11:01 2005

Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
as part of our AS-set stuffing experiments (announced, including links to in-depth information, in [1]), we will be announcing unusually large AS-sets tomorrow, Thursday 16 June.

due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we have been forced to postpone these experiments. We plan to make the announcements at the same times on Monday 20 June.

The prefixes will be the same ( and and will be originated by AS12654 as before, but the AS-set will consist of AS2121 repeated n times, so the paths will look like 12654 {2121, 2121, ..., 2121}. AS2121 is the RIPE meeting AS, which is reserved for RIPE meetings and does not currently appear in the global routing table.

As before, should anyone encounter a problem with these experiments, please let me know and I will take immediate action.


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RIPE NCC Roma Tre Computer Networks research group