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Re: Email peering

  • From: John Levine
  • Date: Sat Jun 18 10:07:21 2005

>> This has the same problem as all of the other duct tape authorization
>> schemes -- it breaks a lot of valid e-mail, ...

>> In this particular case, the biggest issue is forwarders, ...

>This gets into the discussion of what percentage of mail a user gets that
>is like this.  It varies widely.

Agreed.  Around here (Ithaca NY) it's probably on the order of 20% due
to all of the Cornell grads who still use their address.

>  Pick a solution or solutions that you like, or not.  Virtually all
> of them will result in some sort of reduction in the current ability
> of anybody being able to send mail as anyone from anywhere.

Right.  That's why for widespread deployment we have to look at the
small minority of schemes that don't break legitimate mail.  That's
why I'm looking at CSV, which makes it easier to assign reputation to
sending hosts, and domainkeys (or whatever it's called when they're done
mixing in IIM) which if sensibly used makes it easier to whitelist mail
from people you like.