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NANOG Evolution

  • From: Betty Burke
  • Date: Fri Jun 17 10:50:08 2005

Hello Everyone:>

We are very happy to report the next steps in the evolution of NANOG are underway. We welcome your support and feed-back.

The new NANOG charter is available at:
changes in the new charter include:

Section 5: added a parenthetical clause so the text now reads: "Anyone who has registered for a NANOG meeting in the previous two years (as of the opening date of voting) may vote in any matter which comes before the community for a vote."

Section 6: moved two sentences to section 6.3: "No action may be taken by the committee unless at least four members of the committee are present. Those items on which the Steering Committee votes will be decided by absolute majority."

Section 6.2.1 - old version: "Because a large Program Committee will be better able to handle the heavy workload, the Program Committee will consist of 16 members (plus one member appointed by Merit)."

New version: "The Program Committee will consist of 16 members appointed by the Steering Committee plus one member appointed by Merit."

The candidates for the Steering Committee are:
Joe Abley
Randy Bush
Christopher Chin
Ron da Silva
Vince Fuller
Steve Gibbard
Dan Golding
Martin Hannigan
Dorian Kim
Mark Kosters
Jared Mauch
Chris Morrow
William B. Norton
Philip Smith
Josh Snowhorn
Dave Wodelet
Lixia Zhang
Further information found at:

Community members eligible to vote in the 2005 NANOG Steering Committee election are found at:
To qualify, you must have attended at least one NANOG meeting in the past two years, i.e., between fall 2003 (Chicago, NANOG 29) and spring 2005 (Seattle, NANOG 34).
Email addresses will be used to authenticate voters during the election. Voters for whom Merit does not have an email address are marked with ***. If your name is marked, or if you're not listed and believe you should be, please send e-mail to [email protected]

A new email list, [email protected], for discussion of the elections has been created. Merit will handle moderation of the new list per the aup found at:
(Everyone on nanog-futures is automatically subscribed, and we'll also subscribe all eligible voters for whom we have email addresses.) Information regarding the election process will be sent to this list is a few days.

Information regarding the NANOG list moderation committee is found at:

Lastly, very soon, Steve Feldman (current PC Chair) will be sending information regarding the new Program Committee members.

In summary, THANK YOU to so many for their support, extra time and assistance. Merit and the NANOG community are very grateful. As always, please feel free to send email or call if you have questions regarding this email or the NANOG evolution process.

All the best!:>

Betty Burke and Susan Harris
Merit Network