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Considering switch from Black Diamond 6808 to Catalyst 6500

  • From: Drew Weaver
  • Date: Wed Jun 15 10:36:21 2005

	Does anyone have any real world experience with performance gain
from going from one to the other? We have noticed a lot of issues with
the Black Diamond's performance. The support staff tells us we should
QoS everything down to the last packet, but we don't really feel that we
should have to considering the amount of money we spent on this device.
Perhaps I'm asking too much, who know. Some issues we have are: Even
though the CPU shows 97% idle it from one server to the next connected
to the same switch its 40ms between them. "Spikes" of
inexplicable/random lag that only seems to effect VoIP/Game Server type
applications. We're just trying to find opinions to see if A) anyone is
using these switches successfully, B) if anyone had problems with them
and switched, or C) if anyone has ever heard of a switch that even
though its 97% idle it still has performance issues :D

	Off-list is fine, and I'm not trying to bash Extreme Networks.