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Announcing long AS-sets tomorrow

  • From: Lorenzo Colitti
  • Date: Wed Jun 15 05:28:56 2005


as part of our AS-set stuffing experiments (announced, including links to in-depth information, in [1]), we will be announcing unusually large AS-sets tomorrow, Thursday 16 June.

The prefixes involved will be and, both orignating in AS12654. The AS-sets will consist of AS12654 repeated n times, thus the paths will look like 12654 {12654, 12654, ..., 12654}. No other AS numbers will be used. The values of n we will use are 25, 50, 75 and 100.

The announcements are designed to discover how far large AS-sets are propagated, and thus how effective our techniques can be, in today's Internet with today's IPv4 operational practices. This is *not* a test to see if routers will fall over: we have successfully tested longer AS-sets in the lab on both Cisco and Juniper, and longer AS-paths and AS-sets have been observed in the wild [2,3]. See [1] for more information on the safety of these announcements.

The proposed schedule is as follows:
14:00 UTC: 25-element AS-set 50-element AS-set
14:30 UTC: withdrawal withdrawal

16:00 UTC: 75-element AS-set 100-element AS-set
16:30 UTC: withdrawal withdrawal

If anyone should see a problem during the announcements, please contact me and I will take immediate action.



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