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Re: IP->Country Data (RE: ISP's Contact List)

  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Mon Jun 13 18:44:05 2005

At 6:35 PM -0400 2005-06-13, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

 Too bad no one has servers in 100s or even a 1000 or more ISPs in dozens
 of countries with TCP connections to a statistically significant portion
 of the Internet on a daily basis who could possibly measure, say, RTT
 (not sure why TTL is relevant) and other things, and perhaps use that
 along with other information to create a database that they could then
 give to customers who need geo-location data for their "mission critical"

 That would probably be pretty darned accurate.
	You mean like Akamai?

 Of course, that would be a "commercial service"....
	You mean like Akamai?


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